A noisy noise

Do you remember the little ditty from way back?

A noisy noise annoys but a noisy noise annoys an oyster most? All well and good. Totally incidental.

Well, maybe a tenuous link to my post today. I’ve been working on Ben Marriott’s Colour Bleed and checked the difference between using a Fractal Noise Blend (Soft Linear) and a basic grainy Noise at 30%. Ben likes his noise settings to be fairly low.

I like a bit of noisier noise.

A bit gritty, but that’s the modern world. Wise words from philosopher, interior decorator and parochial house-keeper, Mrs Doyle.

Derailed, as I am by the many innovations of Mrs Doyle, I often comment on how Mr Bee empties shopping from the bag to the worktop, “That cat food box-set really enlivens a dull worktop”. It’s not passive-aggressive at all. Fortunately, it’s taken very tongue-in-cheek and we both laugh. As Mrs Doyle famously over-shared on that one occasion… “I remember when my husband…(pregnant pause)… I’ve said too much”… example, I’ll take a leaf out of her book and say no more about my marital relationship. (Seriously, all good, REALLY, and I don’t have the Samaritans on speed dial).

Here are the results of a simple drop motion and bleed (well, not that simple, actually quite convoluted, but worth the effort).

Colour Bleed 30% Noise
Colour Bleed with Fractal Noise

I absolutely love inky blue. Now strangely, or not, you decide, whenever I hear Hey Joe.. (do I need to say by Jimi Hendrix?) I always hear the wonderful backing singers in azure blue and Jimi in inky blue. I don’t get this mind-shift often but Hey Joe does it to me every time.

I was reading up about Hendrix and found he had a condition called Synaesthesia.

“Synaesthesia is a condition wherein the stimulation of one sensory modality causes a simultaneous stimulation of another, unrelated sensation”: Wikipedia

Jimi felt music as colour, all music. Wow.

He loved science fiction and turns out we shared a love of several SF authors.

Parallels between me and the most fabulous miracle that was Jimi end there, sadly. He had more talent in the toenail of the big toe on his left foot than I do in the whole of me. Also, a bit before my time, also sadly with a ‘very’ in front, I would have given anything to have seen him live on stage.

I read once that nobody really dies until their name stops being mentioned, in which case, he’ll live forever.

A nice segue from noise to musical noise. Entirely coincidental. ha ha.