Gimme an ‘A’

I’ll give you two, actually. Remember the tutorial from a previous post back in Dec 2020?:

Do you wonder if there’s a quicker way to do something in Illustrator? There’s a tutorial on there to create the As in illustrator.

I used them to create a very quick and simple animation in After Effects

And you can do it, too:

Import the file you would like to apply the explosion effect to. You don’t need layers.

Select Pixel Poly from the Effects & Presets – tweak the settings. I’m not going to proscribe for you – the end result depends on the image you are using and the effect you are looking for. Play with the settings till you get what you want.

I made it a sub-comp because I wanted to use Time Remapping and it doesn’t seem to work unless it’s applied to a sub-comp.

Select Time Remapping. This will insert a keyframe at the beginning and end of the composition (mine was 5s long, if I remember correctly) then swap the two keyframes over so that the end position becomes the start and the start becomes the end.

Then it’s up to you to play with the speed, Easy Easing, Graph Editing etc.

Finally, I imported a ‘slurp’ from Envato (I subscribe and get the licence) and timed it to synch with the duration of the movie.

Then render and you’re done.

Happy Mondays to you all!