Bee Happy

Taking a break from tech stuff today and taking time to enjoy the natural wonders of the world.

A good while ago now, I noticed that a hedgehog was visiting our garden—so I bought a hedgehog house to, hopefully, persuade her to move in…

Then found a purpose-built, and far superior, hibernaculum. So she has already moved in. Well, if that ain’t happy enough…

The hedgehog house has been repurposed and is now an Air B ‘n’ B… or should that be an Air Bee ‘n’ Bee… you can see where I’m going with this?

Yes, it now houses a busy nest of bumble bees 🙂

Air Bee ‘n’ Bee

The entrance is a bit damp after a heavy downpour, proper wellies and wetsuit weather, but it doesn’t faze the little furry bottoms; beyond the damp patch the rest is dry… the house roof and the location—it’s under the cover of bushes— keeps it relatively dry and out of the wind. The hedgehog house has a curled entrance, like a sea shell, so it has a built-in wind baffler. Ingenious—and what a clever queen bee she was to spot this little gem on the housing market.

We never use pesticides, herbicides, weed killer, glyphocates in any form whatsoever. The slugs and snails will be organic and healthy for the hedgehog and the flowers clean and healthgiving for the bees (and other garden insects).

The garden is also a home to many Nursery spiders.

Look at that whopping egg sac! The Nursery spider rolls it along till she’s happy she’s found a spot to anchor the sac to until the baby spiders hatch out. (I hear Rachel from Bladerunner say those words every time I think or read them).

Here’s mummy with her egg sac wrapped in a gossamer cowl. Mummy stays close waiting for her spider babies to emerge.. I do not know what happens to her then…maybe shouldn’t make enquiries either…Rachel….
Look closely to see the babies

There are lots, possibly hundreds, of baby spiders that eventually emerge. You can see a couple under the bottom-left leaf. They disperse and go off on their own spider travels. Luckily they are pretty independent straight out of the nest otherwise mummy would have a FT job watching them—eternity leave!

This is a hebe—it’s very popular with the bees; they love it. We officially re-named our hebes (have a few in our front and back gardens) ‘hebeeshebees’.

So, hope you enjoyed a quick look at my garden residents and feel the love.

Smile from the heart and bee happy x o x o x o