Happy Monday

The blog has been neglected for a long time now and I was going to let it die off and start afresh with new name, site logo, etc. Despite cancelling WP account and payment authority, it all got reactivated, reinstated and the funds were drawn down. So the blog lives on for at least another year. Rather than waste money, I’ll make use of it.

No tutorial today, just a glimpse into a personal project and passion of mine – making over old furniture.

Typical old, dark sideboard from a granny house. Two-door, two-drawer, solid and strong. No pictures of it in original state but was skanky, manky, dirty and nasty. Cleaned up well and given first coat of off-white satin paint. Husband, Mr Bee, does the painting. Not me.

This is a pic of one of the doors. I used paper napkins and Mod Podge to add some colour and decoration.

Some of my knob collection. for the doors and drawers, obviously. Well, hardly use them as lampshades, would you?!

Here’s Charlie Chops (aka Lord Charlie Chops of Chopstown Manor. An aristocat who fell upon hard times, lost his top hat and cane but still appreciates the finer things in life and makes do with us until his fortunes are restored). Charlie is earning his keep by pointing at the knob in situ. Good lad. There’ll be some fishy reward for him for this. What do you call a fish with no eyes? …..Fsh!

All done and put back together.

It’s in my sewing room.

Similar technique used on an old blanket box. Paper napkins and Mod Podge.

You can see I like colour and surface design.

Just before Christmas we had the landing, stairs and hall papered, painted and had a fresh new carpet for the cats to scratch up. It’s as Art Nouveau as I could find without paying extortionate William Morris prices. More pattern.

Gracie Mae watching Cat’s TV.

Charlie, looking uncharacteristically spooked. He must have thought the bailiffs were after him. He’s the most laid-back cat I’ve ever known. Loud noises, crashes or even the dreaded vacuum cleaner, barely disturbs him.

Nothing tires him out more than watching people work. Hairy keyboards are a feature in my office area. Cat hair cushions the fingertips and prevents finger-impact injuries. Quite thoughtful, actually. Thanks, Charlie. Check out his little black toe beans!

We have another lovely cat. Jess (or Jessie James – quick on the claw). Like the other two, Jess is a rescue cat. She is beautiful and I love the bones off her. It’s taken years of quiet love and reassurance to stop her screaming at us like a banshee from under the table, under the bed or on top of the kitchen cupboards.The skin she can flay with a single swipe. If only she specialised in wallpaper removal. Faster than lightning. All fear-based triggers, sadly.

Mr Bee has been bloody amazing. He picked her up and hugged her despite virtual evisceration as his reward. Permanently scarred, physically, but undeterred, emotionally, he was positive he’d win her over (even his blood group is B+). And he did. She still gets a bit trigger happy, but it’s Paws not Claws these days. Usually. Unfortunately, of all cats to get diabetes, it would be Jess. Twice a day I have to inject her with an insulin pen…. and hold it in place for 10s. My life flashes before my eyes in those 10s…

Finally, thought I’d share my robot build MP4 with you. I’ve been using animation techniques in my work role and home projects for several years now but still take occasional refresher courses on Udemy, Domestika, and keep up-to-date following the wonderful tutorials on YouTube…

Robots appeal to me – maybe robots are simpler to me than human beings. My ADD brain fries trying to work out how to decipher human interaction and think how to respond appropriately. Masking, I think it’s called. I’m pretty good at it now but social chit chat makes me feel gauche and wanting to poke my eyes out with knitting needles or bite my feet off…

Anyway, old-school robots are a thing with me and I collect them a little bit. The robot in the MP4 is based on a ‘How to draw a robot’ on Wiki How. The background is one that came with a Udemy AE course I took a while ago with Louay Zarambakji (wholly recommend his masterclass, btw). I took it into PSD and applied a ‘Glowing Edges’ filter to switch it up a bit.

All simple stuff using regular PSR but part of a sub-comp for something else. The robot was created in AI, all animated elements saved to a separate layer, etc, etc, etc. If you animate, you know this stuff.

Happy Monday to you!