Ever tried to assemble flat pack furniture?

It can feel a bit like wrestling with a pig. I felt this way about getting back into animation. All those layers. Controlling timings, anchorpoints, sequencing and a big old wallop of mad effects and presets to choose from. Which bit goes where …. and when? Made that flat pack look pretty enticing.

Butching up, I thought : “Wir schaffen das!” especially as my work machine got upgraded to a super spanky Surface Book 3 with pen a week ago and my personal machine got a sh*t-off-a-shovel new graphics card for Christmas. No excuses.

I took a deep-dive into Animate and After Effects and got on with it. Every day’s a school day with You Tube and I kind of binge watched tutorials for both apps and applied the principles as I went. Both apps are fairly intuitive once you familiarise yourself with the layouts and menus. Not massively time consuming and isn’t it great to invest in yourself and develop new skills? Give this year a new set of boots and career path 🙂

Happy New Year to you!