Tesselate Your Triangles with Live Paint in Illustrator

You need to whip up a colourful design that can suggest dynamics and direction. Geometrics is one way to go. Triangles. Dynamic planes of colour. But how? How much time do you have to create a triangle? give it a fill? go through aligning and offsetting…? So much to do, so little time…

Well, there’s an easy and quick way to whip up a whole kaleidoscope of tesselated right-angled triangles. (Angles make a big difference. My previous tutorial on tesselated trinagles was for equilateral ones, ie, 60° insides which don’t make up a square). You could use a hexagon to create them …. you’ll understand when you read the tutorial 🙂

But back to right-angles. These have 90° angles and will form a square and that’s the secret to their creation. Live Paint does the rest. Download my free pdf tutorial and get going.

One more thing

Want the Alt-code to insert a degree symbol? Save searching through glyphs?

Alt-0176 (numeric keypad)

Download my tutorial here: