Do you wonder if there’s a quicker way to do something in Illustrator?

Do you find yourself getting stuck in the middle of a design wondering how to achieve the image in your head? Then panicking about how long it’s taking you to figure it out? Then throwing the towel in and opting for something lamer but safer? Promising yourself you’ll make the time to find out for some future time? But that time never comes…..?

How about a quick cheat sheet? Lots of basic principles that strip out the mystery real quick so you can grab the technique and get going…

That’s what I’m posting today. A collection of quick tips on making shapes with Illustrator. Not really for beginners but not advanced by any means. Most are super easy and you’ll breeze through them 🙂

My cheat sheet includes uses for the Shapebuilder Tool, Live Paint, Pathfinder functions, Effects and lots of super stuff to get you running in no time.

See the graphic below? Pathfinder’s Divide function made it a cinch to create!

Download the cheat sheet below and get going: