Use a Photoshop mask to put text behind an image


This is Jess. She developed diabetes early last year and it’s taken a lot of experimentation, a couple of changes of insulin and various dietary changes to get it under good control.

She’s now a new woman. Still feisty with an attitude you can hang your coat on and still loves a fishy supper. Charlie calls her ‘the one with the breath’ but not so as she can hear him…

She’s my sweet girl and though she’s calmer than the fearful rescue cat from a few years ago, and she’s more Paws than Claws, I’m still careful around her. We love her to bits and after being with us 6 years now, this is her forever home.

Down to business. Look at the image and you’ll see the text goes between her and the background. It’s actioned with a simple masking technique in Photoshop. If you want to know how to do it, download the pdf for the instructions: