Make paper jubblies

Jubblies decorated with stamped bunnies in pink tutus.

Use pretty paper and decorate for any occasion. They are really cylinders that have been turned 90 degrees and crimped to make a tetrahedron. You don’t need a crimper to create the corrugated top and bottom but it does complete the ‘look’.

Fill them with sweets as party treats or shower gifts. Make 24 and hang them up as an advent calendar. I’ve made advent calendars with them many a year.

Download the instructions ‘crimped-jubbly’ below:

A set of decorative advent numbers to cut out

If you make the jubblies as an advent set, you’ll need to number them – I’m giving you the set I made in Illustrator a while back. If you have a laser printer, some deco foil and a laminator you can foil them and make them look really sensational. For instructions on how to do that, see Jennifer McQuire’s tutorial:

Personalise with a decorative initial:

Download the image above, scale to size and cut out or, if you have Photoshop, you can create a set of .abr brushes (there are lots of tutorials on how to do that – it’s very easy).