The Magic of Gumpaste -Poppies and Snails!

Fondant is … well, fondant. But, you want to make flowers it just fails. It develops what is called ‘elephant skin’ and goes all crepey and crinkled and doesn’t have the elasticity to be frilled or fluted.

What to use? Gum paste. Take a look at the gumpaste poppies I made last week. I couldn’t have made them with plain fondant.

Gumpaste poppies inspired by Renee Connor
Lemon & Poppyseed cake with gumpaste poppies and lily of the valley

I used the poppies to decorate a lemon and poppyseed sponge just perfect for Sunday teatime. It is filled with raspberry buttercream and covered with raspberry ganache.

Found the cutest clay snail models made by Joo Joo on the net and had a go at doing something similar with gumpaste.†

You can see how simple the basic shape is. I cut a ‘V’ into the head and tapered the V into antennae. The flower details were painted on using a fine 00 brush and Sugar Flair edible colouring. The fondant flowers were made with a petal cutter (plunger type).