Passionfruit curd

The bug to bake something got me again today, mainly because it’s a chilly day.

I decided to make a three-layered lemon sponge cake with lemon buttercream and passionfruit filling.

The passionfruit curd has to be made first because it needs plenty of time to cool down and thicken up.

Mr Bee loves lemon curd and loves passionfruits… so it was fingers crossed that he would love passionfruit curd. Top news! He does. It’s as easy as any other curd to make but does use a LOT of passionfruits.

And leaves the kitchen looking like a crime scene. You wouldn’t expect passionfruit curd and crime scene to sit in the same sentence but there you are.

Crime of passion

The sponges are out of the oven and nicely cool so nearly time to make the buttercream.

I’m wondering whether to add a few tablespoons of elderberry cordial to the buttercream. I’ll decide when I come to do it.

Think I’ll give the cake a yellow to pale yellow ombre effect with maybe fondant daisies on top or maybe meringue kisses as I have a bowl of egg whites to use up. Italian meringue… mmm.

I’ll leave you with a shot of some sweeties I got from my Tai Chi class last night. There was a spread of cakes, sweeties, fruits and nicey things left over from a childrens’ easter craft group and I took a few of these little panda guys:

Panda balls

There are two panda balls in each packet. I thought they’d be ‘nehhh’ but actually, they’re filled with wafer/choc mix which is really nice.

Put me in mind of the chef from South Park… anyone remember his recipe for chocolate salty balls? Ha ha!

The happy little pandas reminded me… Kim Joy from the GBBO has a cookbook coming out in August! I pre-ordered from Amazon today. I loved Kim Joy’s quirky woodland animals and her surreal world of baked goodies. Can’t wait for August!