Lemon velvet cake with mascarpone frosting

I made a lemon velvet cake with Mascarpone cheese frosting and home-made lemon curd filling. You can use another brand or type of cream cheese, Philadelphia (available in Ireland and UK) is a good one to use but it’s not in the same league as Mascarpone for sheer creamy, smooth luxury. Most cream cheeses are made from whole milk.

Mascarpone is made from double cream. Whichever cheese you go with, it’s an easy frosting to make and if you find buttercream too sweet, cream cheese frosting is for you.

Mascarpone cheese frosting

150g softened unsalted butter,
240g cream cheese
840g icing sugar

Sift the icing sugar into a large mixing bowl, add the butter and Mascarpone and beat together till blended and smooth. Done. Pipe or smooth the frosting over your cake with a spatula and sandwich cake layers together with it. Truly gorgeous.

One word of *caution*; cream cheese frosting gets soft fairly quickly in warm weather so it’s best to eat the frosting while it’s very fresh or make/keep the cakes in a cold atmosphere. You can also freeze Mascarpone frosting for about a month but you’ll need to give it a thorough beating after letting it defrost at room temperature.

Still enjoying dark photography, as you can see from the photo. The initial shot was a little darker so I upped the exposure and increased the white balance to lift it a bit.

Remember the flowers? I posted a How To Make Pineapple Flowers a while back having made a big load and used them to decorate the cake. They give the cake an almost antique quality, reminiscent of an aged auntie’s flowery bonnet.

Mr Bee said not to bother hanging the washing out this morning as it was going to rain. He said it was the equivalent of  “painting the devil on the wall” which means “tempting fate”. He was right. It lashed down.