Cracking on with things

Thursday was supposed to be hotter here (Ireland) than Barcelona. Must have been freezing in Barcelona, then. It was cold even with the heating and fire on. Anyway, a good day to bake.

II made a chocolate fudge cake, covered with chocolate buttercream.

The fondant flowers were dotted all over in a wild celebration of using up the fondant flowers I had stored away…

Gracie liked the oven being on 🙂

Obviously, running the oven costs money but heating costs are heavily subsidised in Ireland due to the fact that 40% of renewable energy is supplied by the cast of River Dance. (See MEP Daniel Hannon – responses Clickety-click.).

Have you ever suspected that inanimate objects harboured malevolent and hostile behaviour somewhere in their molecular structure? There’s a word for that. RESISTENTIALISM. It’s a noun relating to the theory that inanimate objects demonstrate hostile behaviour towards us.

USAGE (from Word a Day:
“Scornful and uncooperative objects — pianos that mock our sausage fingers; computers that develop transient but alarming hypochondria; keys, socks, and teaspoons that scurry off to their secret covens and never return. There are certainly days when resistentialism seems the only explanation.”
Michael Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan; Bozo Sapiens: Why to Err Is Human; Bloomsbury; 2009.

I also love German for lots of  wonderful words; how about:

Backpfeifengesicht – a face in need of a punch (similar to the French tête-à-claque)


Zweckentfremdung, which translates to ‘goal alienation’, or ‘using something for a purpose not originally intended’. Our closest English word is ‘utilise’ which is very dull in comparison.