Fruity cakes

This cake was inspired by a Preppy Kitchen recipe. It was so light and lemony – just lovely to make. It was odd making a sponge without egg yolks but did make for a very white, fresh looking cake. Mine is layered with blueberry buttercream, crumb-coated with the same then finished with a rustic coating of lemon buttercream, stained with streaks of blueberry juice.

The freezer was getting a bit full so I defrosted a batch of cupcakes made a couple of weeks ago and covered them in raspberry buttercream. I like to buy packs of frozen fruits – they have to be fresh to be frozen so you know you’re getting fruit picked at their best. I use these to make fruit compote or fruit goo at a moment’s notice.

I pour about 150g into a saucepan and heat them to a simmer with maybe a TBS of sugar. Simmer and stir till the juice evaporates and the fruit reduces to a thickish goo. Sieve (a muddler is a great tool to help grind the goo through the sieve) making sure you scrape the underside of the sieve to catch every last bit into a jug. There you have it.  Goo.Let it cool and it’s ready to use. Use an apple corer to core a little chunk of your cupcake out and fill it with the goo. Makes a delicious filling.

Finally, made a swirl of piped buttercream (isn’t the colour intense and yet it’s totally natural!) and sprinkled hundreds and thousands over the top. Homely, informal tasty, fresh cupcakes.