Cherry Sponge Cake

Mr B is just better at some jobs than me. Fact. Otherwise I would do them. He can be, by nature, a difficult person to nudge along, though and he will very frequently  frequently often sometimes leave things n-e-a-r-l-y done.

We’ve recently had a new fitted kitchen and Mr B has done a lot of finishing and decorating. He’s worked really hard and the kitchen has been a PITA at times but  it’s looking so clean and bright that I love it already. He’s done a fantastic job, good man. I don’t want him to collapse in a heap getting it finished but it’s frustratingly nearly done.

To take my mind off things, I made this cake yesterday.  It’s an almond sponge layered with cherry buttercream (cherry compote or ‘goo’ with more cherries roughly whizzed in the blender and sieved a little to get rid of excess juice, all mixed into some buttercream). It’s topped off with chocolate gananche and a bunch of fresh cherries, ripe and sweet.

The cake was amazingly fresh, light and tasty. Took two slices round to my neighbour – she rang me some 30 mins later to tell me it was the best cake I’d made – EVER! Made my halo a bit heavy, I can tell you but what a lovely compliment.

Also had a go at dark photography.  It’s sometimes called ‘Mystic Light’, or Chiaroscuro (an Italian term pinched from the art world to describe a technique that emphasises the the contrast between shadow and light in an image.

I extended my kitchen table full length, made an enclosure out of black foam board held together with T-pins (the very same as used for blocking crochet) and lined the bottom with an A2 length of black mount board. I left a slit between two sheets of foamboard to let in a ‘sliver’ of light.

My  tripod faced the scene and lowered for a head on shot. The opening between the foamboard was covered with a diffuser (the light from the window was streaming in).

The shot above has been enhanced with various Photoshop filters increasing shadow, contrast, blacks, reducing whites and highlights, masking a couple of highlights and using Curves to dampen them a little, etc.

I’m following The Bite Shot on You Tube for tips and techniques

Finally got round to making a tray of meringues using a Sultane nozzle.