Ganache drip cake with meringue kisses

The basic meringue mixture is a ratio of exactly 1 egg white to 2 of sugar. Add a tsp of vanilla essence or extract and a pinch of salt to flavour the mixture.

Get a piping bag and draw lines of food colouring inside it using a long-handled paintbrus (reserved for cakes only :))

Fill the piping bag with meringue.The food colouring will streak the meringue as it’s piped onto the tray.

Get a baking sheet (or two) and pipe the meringue vertically leaving a good inch between them as they will spread as they cook.

Put them in the oven (130 for approx. 35 mins) then get them out and leave them to cool.

Lessons learned:

1. Make 1.5 times the usual amount of buttercream, not double.

2. Ditto gananche. Only needed 150g choc and 75 g of cream (converted from ml).

3. Less is more when it comes to drip cakes. Too much ends up pooling on the cakeboard or running over.

4. Plan to make this cake! Get the butter out the night before so it’s soft. Check the ingredients and get in what you need before you start.

5. Think ahead about how to use up the egg yolks. We had a Spanish Omelette for tea.