Bees, Buttonholes and Bullions

I finally got a shot of a red-bottomed bee.  These little red bums are very industrious and barely sit still. They’re triple F’s:  Fierce, Fit and Fabulous. Suits these little furry firebums perfectly.

Hover flies enjoy the Hebes, too.:

I’ve been practicing a couple of new embroidery stitches: Bullion and the Open Buttonhole stitch. One of my favourite places for inspiration and instruction is Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials. 

For some reason I always felt daunted by the Bullion Stitch and would never give it a go but always thought how pretty it was. You know what? It’s really easy. Simpler than the French Knot. If you don’t believe me, just try it. 🙂

The buttonhole stitch is a sort of Blanket Stitch and made pretty cartwheels, carousels and whirligigs:

The cartwheel of stitches might work against this dark grey-almost-black flecked tweed: