Letter h papercutting

Fox PaperCut

Here’s the papercut of the design posted yesterday ready to be framed. It is quite large and will go into an A3 frame.

Today has been busy. Mr T is laying new flooring in the bedroom we keep for family and friends when they come over. He’s really cracking on and I’m totally amazeballs at how hard he’s working.  We bought some sliding wardrobe doors from Ikea and he’ll be hanging them at some point. And he’s painting everywhere. Stand still for long enough and you’ll have an Annie Sloane makeover. He looks a bit wild and wooly though – like a good thrashing with a weed whacker would tame some of the facial growth! He scrubs up well and a hot shower and shave will gussy him up to his usual level of handsomeness.

Meanwhile I’m making soup—chicken, chickpea and sweet potato. All done in the pressure cooker with a tickle of turmeric, a sprinkle of black pepper, a quiff of curry powder, stock, parsnips and lots of carrots with a tin of chickpeas thrown in at the end. We haven’t had soup for a while as the hot weather was salad and sandwich fare. Now we’d had some rain and the temperature has dropped, a bowl of soup is perfect.

spools of thread

Then time to do a bit of sewing. I need to get a wiggle on myself and get cushions made. I bought some fabric from a cloth shop in Dublin. Nice stuff but very expensive so back to Amazon, I’m afraid. I have found a super pattern on line for a cross backed apron surprisingly called a ‘Mobius’ apron! 🙂 and an origami bag that caught my eye.

I think I’ve got the easier side of this house refurb deal!