There’s no disputing the tenacity of these weeds. Their taproots go down to the devil’s doorstep, I swear. Yet how delicate and pretty are those seedheads? Pure fluffy white bobbles of loveliness. But those bobbles blow off…

I cut them with lovely full seedheads and give them a good shhuzzhh of hairspray and pop them in a little teapot for display.

Dandelions are prolific, too but I refuse to use any form of chemical weed killer. Just more contamination.  I try to do my bit to encourage some bio-diversity in my garden. Bee, butterfly and insect-friendly flowers and shrubs with a small area uncultivated for ground-burrowing bees. There’s also a small clump of nettles reserved for butterflies to lay their eggs.

Changing the subject, last night I went to see the legendary and wonderful Jerry Fish.

Next week am going to see Further Ted and there’s to be a Lovely Girls Competition! I’ll be practicing my lovely laugh all week.

Right now I’m sitting here with a home made facepack (Rose Water and Glycerine, Castor Oil, Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth but sounds much more exotic in Hindi) with Aloe Vera gel. Very attractive! A contender for the Lovely Girls Competition???

Now for a shower and shampoo. This party’s over. I’m going home.