Mind your bees wax

Lots of bees buzzing around a cotoneaster in the garden giving me good opportunities to get some photos of them.

Look at the veining on the wings. They look like cathedral windows. Love the fuzzy jacket. If you’re very gentle, you can stroke a bumble bee. I have. I use my little finger and stroke with the side rather than the finger tip and just stroke the fuzzy jumper area-keeping right away from that abdominal posterior… šŸ™‚

The cotoneaster is covered with tiny blossoms so there were loads of flowers to pay a visit to.

Time for the off. Chocs away! Pretty much a vertical takeoff – they don’t have the sleek aeronautic physique of a Harrier jump jet but they’re efficient and manoeuvre with amazing agility. Harriet jump-jets šŸ™‚

Remember the bag of wooly bits I ordered from Amazon for stuffing the rabbits and Tilda dolls? It arrived today.

It’s huge! Ignore the mess. I tidy up when I’m finished but leave everything out until I’m done.

Time to finish stuffing Tilda’s legs and body and get her done. Stuff to do!Ā  šŸ™‚