There! Finished Tilda and her dungarees. There is another to follow. She’s looking a bit like Frankenstein’s disjectamenta but she’ll be okay when she’s fully stuffed and stitched together. Her dungarees are nearly ready – just the straps to do so just boring bits left, really. Except for her face – have realised it’s easier to French Knot here eyes before I’ve stitched her hair on so hair will be the last job on the doll.

The weekend was glorious. The sun shone down and gave Ireland a heat wave. Flowers are bursting out all over the garden including these gorgeous red poppies.

I keep the birdbath topped up so the birds can have a bath. I love watching them enjoy the water. My neighbour has an old church font in her back garden which she keeps filled with fresh water for the birds to drink but is probably far too deep for a bath.

The sun is shining down again today – it’s wonderful. My second load of washing is nearly done and will be on the line shortly. Oh the smell of washing dried outdoors on a sunny day. I love sticking my nose into a pile of washing off the line and having a big deep lungful of the scent (except for the time I nearly sniffed a spider up my nose so now I have a look before I have a sniff). I can hear the final spin so will get a bit of a wiggle on and get the washing out and do some tidying up then I can please myself for the rest of the day. Have a lovely day yourself.