Bursting Sphere in Illustrator

Circle Pixel Logo Design

Free School Graphic Design Tutorial

The sphere above is fairly quick to do – the tutorial uses 3D revolve and mapping art functions as well as the nifty Pathfinder.

When I set up my rows (then groups) of circles – the art to be mapped onto the surface of the sphere I did mine differently to the tutorial (link above).

I used the:

Ellipse tool to create a circle of 25pt. and the Transform Each (Object>Transform>Transform Each) to create a copy offset by 5pt horizontally (enter 30pt in the horizontal setting to allow for the circle and the space between) then Ctrl>D to duplicate to create a row.

Group the row of circles and go back to the Transform Each option. Change the horizontal value to 15pt and the vertical offset to 60pt.

Group them all together and duplicate the double rows till you have plenty to make the Symbol which is used as the artwork to map onto the sphere’s surface.