Cushion Applique

Appliqued letters on tweed. I used Bondaweb fused onto A4-sized pieces of fabric and put them through my printer to print a letter (in outline)  onto each of them. This made cutting the letterform out fairly easy and sharp.

I folded the cushion front horizontally and then vertically to find the centre front and then used tailor’s chalk to draw a couple of straight lines to align the tops of the letters to.

The letters were fused, one at a time with a press of a steamy iron over a clean linen tea towel.

I zig-zaged around the outline of each letter on my sewingmachine.

Once the appliqué was stitched down, all that was left to do was to sew the cushion pieces together. It was an envelope-closure and so was made in three pieces.  A couple of hems and then the outsides – double-stitched. Regular straight stitch with an overlock stitch around the edges.

Gracie popped up for some attention 🙂

More yarn in.

I’ve already made a Victorian Lattice Square (Ravelry – designed by Destany Wymore).

It’s not blocked so is a bit wobbly looking. Or maybe it just is wobbly.

I also got a lovely crochet bowl recently.