Small packages

Nice things in small packages. I made the little label in Illustrator using a rough brush to stroke the outline of a rectangle to surround the text. The text was measured to ensure it fitted inside the new textbox.  I used  a font called Delfinah.

The pink paper is a mulberry mix. Notice the flecks of gold and silver in it? It’s so pretty.

Jess is enjoying a saunter round the garden more often these days. She takes her time and smells the flowers as she goes along. Gracie is the complete opposite. She runs about like a loon.

There are plenty of yellow poppies. They self-seed and are quite happy doing their own thing as and where and when they want.

These sunshiny poppies brighten the garden. The hydrangeas have lots of buds, alls colouring up, and soon they will pop and be proud, loud, brash and ostentatious as they always are. They’re always surrounded by some flame-coloured  Crocosmia, or Orange Devils. Them and the hydrangeas dominate the front garden. Looks like a lovely garden party 🙂