Fill a Shape with Text (Illustrator Tutorial)

There are times that  you want to fill a shape with text or use a letterform as a text container. The letter ‘g’ I’ve used here is from the font family (Pistilli).

I’m detailing the steps for using text as there are some small issues to be dealt with but the principles are the same.

Filling a letterform with text in Illustrator is easy enough when there are no inner shapes to deal with, eg, the letter ‘T’. Then simply go to Type>Create Outlines and use the Area Type tool to type or paste some text into the outline of the letter.

Things get a little peskier when there are inny-bits! It’s not difficult though but you have to deal with compound paths and text wrapping – and creating a separate outline to finish it off.

I’ve written an Illustrator tutorial in lots of baby steps with screen grabs to help even the most inexperienced Illustrator user – download the Text In Shape tutorial here:

I hope it comes in useful for you.