All-Butter Shortbread

Love a bit of shortbread.

1 lb plain flour
12 oz butter
6 oz caster sugar

Gas mark 2, or 140º for electric ovens for between 40 mins to 1 hour (depending on whether your oven is fan-assisted or not).

Basically, rub the ingredients together (or just tip into a mixing bowl with a kneading tool and let it mix till it turns into a pliable ball. I do this on a fairly slow setting).  Roll out and cut your biscuits. I have a cutter but you can easily make a paper template and cut round it with a knife.

Place on a baking tray giving them some room to spread. Cook till just golden and still slightly soft to touch.

Turn out onto a cooling rack, sprinkle with caster sugar and there you go. Make with love for a Valentine’s Day treat.