Bird of Peace

What a week – first some lovely visitors. Made chocolate biscuit cake together. Helped A make a beautiful Samsara bird  for A to take home to her mum. Went to Skerries and collected some nice, fat rocks for my garden (A and Other went to the local silversmith for the afternoon and had a few hours crafting their own designs in silver). I did it a few years ago. Very absorbing and a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Also, had a bit of a splurge in Dublin (you know I’m a material girl!) – might take pics and show you the jazzy fabric I bought. Not anything I would normally go for but it’s definitely got a real buzz to it.

The visit could have been a disaster. Turned out that A, who thought she would get the results of her MA Aug 10th would actually be getting them on the Monday. Well, nobody slept well Sunday night. The result came by e-mail at 9.00 am the following morning and brought relief, delight and sunshine to the day. She passed! We whooped and all had big grins slapped over our faces for the rest of the day – though the day was a bit shorter than most as we were all pretty much flaked by early evening and toddled off to our beds to catch up on some sleep.

So, a happy week filled with roast turkey dinners, yorkshire puddings, fruit crumbles, lasagnes and spicy chicken saucies with chips. Glasses of wine in the evenings, happy laughter and happy conversations.

All too soon it was time for them to leave. Always a teary moment. Since then, the house has been cleaned top to bottom – just something I do! Keeps me busy and takes my mind off the empty house.

Finally, I sat down, designed the bird and then sliced and snipped away until I became truly absorbed in the process and got myself grounded again.