Use circles for Non-Trig Trigonometry

There is a German word ‘Sitzfleisch’ that describes the ability to endure or persist in a task (literally translates to ‘sits flesh’ meaning the ability to sit at something for lengthy periods). I could think of no better word to describe the persistence and endurance of somebody I recently witnessed trying to rotate a triangle so that it would sit squarely on a box.

I had, coincidentally, created a little box that had the same issue in its design but took moments to resolve. It is based upon mathematical principles but involves no actual maths – just circles. Don’t be put off by the use of a few mathematical terms – they’re easy ones – just radius and diameter and I use no math, as such (multiply something by 2 ).

Once you get the principles you’ll find angles easy to calculate.

Here’s a quick tutorial – takes more words to explain than to actually do it.