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Asking for my readers to share some love and compassion to those going through life facing untold problems alone and in need of help. Share the information above and give hope to those sufferers.

Dark evenings bring terrors to men like David.  leaving them fagged out and ‘heavy as lead’ . Yes, the awful fatigue of night starvation so easily remedied by the ‘fascinating’ flavour and goodness of Horlicks. Don’t let your partner die of The Hunger – is he/or she eating enough to survive the night? Why not move your bed into the kitchen or install a primus stove and/or microwave in the bedroom? For total peace of mind, a panic button should be within easy reach to call for help should you or your loved ones start to feel the early warning symptoms of hunger pains.

I am perturbed, however, by the request to find out what ‘Caroline’ uses ‘personally’.  How many personal uses are there for a hospital disinfectant?

Like Domestos, Toilet Duck and lemon fragranced Cif, I had never considered a household cleaner as part of my personal hygiene habit. It’s not fully explained but remains  ‘understood’ between Caroline and the worried woman with, what I can only presume, stinky underwear (it all seems very coy …. who knows!). Ask your doctor ‘He’ knows (obviously, all doctors have  a Y chromosome – women are just too preoccupied with laundry stain insecurities to udergo medical training).

Also, I am unfamiliar with the words ‘Germicide’ and ‘Dainty’ in any close juxtaposition followed closely by the line ‘it does not even stain linen’.

Apparently, it asserts, doctors know about these things so am thinking about visiting my doc to see if he or she can help with a range of other laundry stainings and get the heads up on the leading products for today’s ground-in dirt.

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